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Bank Credit-Moscow among the oldest banks in Russia was established in 1988.

September, 21, 2008 is the Credit Moscow Banks 20th anniversary of operations in the financial market

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Loans for Small and Medium-sized Business: business development loans from Credit Moscow Bank

One of OJSC Credit Moscow Banks key services is to provide loans for small to medium-size businesses in Bank's Regions.   

Loans have been developed for small to medium-size businesses by specialists at Credit Moscow Bank with the aim of making credit for legal entities accessible to the widest possible range of entrepreneurs.  

Companies and individual entrepreneurs can receive a business development loan from the bank using commercial or personal assets, or even the assets of a third person as collateral.   

Should a company lack the necessary collateral to obtain a secured loan, the bank offers the option of a guarantee from a special government fund: Small Business Credit Assistance Fund.



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Expert RA Confirms Credit Moscow Banks Rating
Expert RA Rating Agency has confirmed the credit rating for OJSC Credit Moscow Bank at : High Creditworthiness while its rating outlook has changed from Stable to Positive.
Credit-Moscow Bank Launches New Plastilin Credit Cards
Starting from May 28, you can apply for your Plastilin credit card on the Banks website. You will have to visit the Banks office only once, to collect your card.
Credit-Moscow Bank is ranked among the top 50 largest banks operating in the small and medium-sized business loan market
Credit-Moscow Bank is ranked among the top 50 largest banks operating in the small and medium-sized business loan market
Modifications to Cash Settlement Services Tariffs
As of March 19, 2012, there will be changes in the rates for services and transactions for corporations serviced in the Moscow branches of Credit-Moscow Bank (OJSC).

Rates of Exchange: (24.06.2016)
  buying selling
USD 64.2000 66.1500
EUR 71.9500 73.4000
CHF 64.1000 68.5000
  from 5000 from 5000
USD 64.2500 66.1000
EUR 72.0000 73.3500
CHF 64.8100 68.5000
Bank of Russia Rates:
USD: 64.3212 (+0.6050)
EUR: 72.9016 (+1.0934)
CHF: 67.1972 (+0.8123)

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Small Business Loans

Moscow: tel.: (495) 72-707-72; fax: 237-52-98; Address: 8, 6th Monetchikovsky Lane.
Saint Petersburg: tel.: (812) 635-75-75, fax: 310-13-69; Address: 54, Sadovaya Street.